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Capt. John 36 Hour Wednesday-Thursday August 24-25, 2016

Captains Johnny and Jill Williams headed up this 36 hour, overnight tuna safari. The first stop on Wednesday afternoon was about 80 miles to the South of the island in 250 feet of water, the natural bottom structure gave them around 200 vermillion snapper an assortment of other bottom fish and one kingfish. As is the usual small pieces of cut squid accounted for the vast majority of the catch.

After leaving the bottom spot the run further offshore and the overnight tuna fishing began. The platform fished was “Hoover Diana” it sets in 4500 feet of water about 140 nautical miles to the south of the island. During the numerous down current drifts blackfin and yellowfin tuna were taken. Hits came on freelined or Carolina rigged Spanish sardines, chrome diamond jigs and speed jigs. When they left this platform just after sunrise Thursday 7 yellowfin tuna and 201 blackfin tuna had ben taken, then it was off to inshore and more bottom/surface fishing.

Thursday’s bottom fishing was in the same general area as on Wednesday afternoon, 80 miles to the south in 250 feet of water. While there the 31 anglers caught more vermillion snapper along with an African pompano and more “assorted others.”

When the return run to Galveston’s Pier 19 began this total catch was on the boat and in or headed for being iced down in the fish boxes:

7 Yellowfin tuna

210 Blackfin tuna

401 Vermillion snapper

1 Kingfish

20 Porgy

1 Atlantic sharpnose shark

1 Creolefish

1 African pompano

1 Bigeye Toro

1 Mangrove snapper

1 Squirrelfish

Rob Richardson, Athens, with 14 blackfin tuna, 20 vermillion snapper (an allowed two day limit) and 2 porgy.

Peter Letts, Cedar Creek, had 10 blackfin tuna ( Williamson speed jig) 20 vermillion snapper and a yellowfin tuna

Gino Asuncion, Galveston, with a yellowfin tuna of 45# on a Carolina rigged Spanish sardine and a double limit of vermillion snapper.

Leston Reeves Jr, Denver, with 12 vermillion snapper and 4 blackfin tuna.

Patrick Lemire, Texas City, Sadly I didn’t make this one, a medical situation at home caused me to forfit the opportunity. Things don’t always work out to your plans working…but next time. Speaking of next time, the Capt. John’s next scheduled 36 hour tuna safari is scheduled for Sept. 18/19, a Sunday/Monday trip.

See you on the Capt. John!

Patrick Lemire

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