Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the best time to book a fishing trip in Galveston, Texas?
    Fishing is good all year round in Galveston, Texas. However, the Summer fishing season months are our busiest because of all the people on vacation and the proximity of Houston. The Galveston weather is usually more stable and we have fewer bad weather cancellations during the Summer. Fall, Winter and Spring are also good fishing. The weather causes more frequent cancellations during the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons, however, we do have a mild climate and we do get to make most of our trips. We also have a fishing definitions page to help you understand everything about fishing out of Galveston, Texas.
  2. Which fishing trip is best for me?
    No matter if you want to catch and release all your fish, keep just a few for supper, or keep all you catch, then you will find comfort in knowing that we have been voted to be The Best Party Boat Fishing in Galveston, Texas. We use only the very best tackle. We only use other high quality products from companies such as, Penn Reels, and custom hand crafted fishing rods from Texas’s Best Rod manufacturers. The Galveston fishing vacation packages start with our family oriented 4 hour Jetty fishing trip on the Texsun II jetty and bay fishing boat.  If you are a serious fisherman and want to catch Grouper, Amberjack, Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Vermilion Snapper or Tuna, then you will want to make a reservation on  the Captain John.  Captain John is a 75′ long and 27′ wide aluminum catamaran partyboat. She is fast and can get you out to the fishing grounds in style.  Captain John specializes in 36 hour charters that target big fish. We can carry up to 83 passengers on our day trips and up to 40 passengers on our overnight 24 hour or 36 hour signature trips.  We also offer 10, 12, and 15 hour offshore trips for those who like to fish for a full day and you’re welcome to bring as many people as you can.  Nobody has to be left out when fishing with Galveston’s best offshore fishing charter.  We also customize charters to any length you want.  We are fully staffed and ready to take you on your next Galveston deep sea fishing charter.
  3. Does Williams Party Boats offer walk on fishing trips?
    YES – All of our trips are walk on or shared expense reservations. You are also welcome to book one of our Williams Party Boats for your group. We specialize in deep sea, bay and jetty fishing. Bay and jetty fishing charters are done on our Texsun II. We offer up to 36 hour charters on our flagship, the Captain John.
  4. When do we need to book a fishing trip?
    The urgency of booking a trip depends on you and the boat’s availability, and is on a first come, first serve basis. The Galveston summer vacation months, holidays, weekends and fishing tournaments create our biggest demand for fishing trips. A lot of our guests plan months ahead for their vacation or weekend getaway. Getting a secured fishing reservation is the same way. You need to plan early so you get the fishing trip and date of your choice. During fall, winter and spring, fishing slows a bit but we still experience high volumes of bookings during weekends on
  5. How long of a fishing trip do we need to book in Galveston?
    There are a lot of factors involved in deciding how long a trip you should book. Our jetty fishing trips are usually 4 hours. Our overnight to multi-day Tuna Safari fishing trips are great for those who want to experience something unique. 10 and 12 hour bottom fishing trips are for those who want to be on the water all day and or, keep a few fish for supper or for the freezer. Overnight trips like our 36 hour trip are for more serious anglers and groups that want to fish for the larger species of fish that live further offshore. If you have kids or this is a first time fishing trip, you might consider a 4 hour jetty fishing trip. If you have been deep sea fishing before, I would suggest a 10 to 12 hour trip or longer.
  6. How far do we go offshore on our fishing trip?
    Offshore fishing or deep-sea fishing is one of those things that the distance traveled is determined by the length of the trip. A 4 hour trip usually stays near shore and by the jetties. This trip’s success is dependent upon the fish bite, tide and water quality combined with the time of the year it is. 10 and 12 hour trips will get you 20 to 40 miles offshore and those are the trips where you can target Grouper and Amberjack. Galveston overnight trips will get you from 60 to 100 miles offshore. Multi-day trips can get you out as far as 150 miles offshore.
  7. How long do we get to fish on a typical trip in Galveston?
    As a rule of thumb, bottom fishing in Galveston consist of a ride from the port to the fishing reefs and back. This ride can be as short as an hour or longer, depending on the length of the trip. Most charters are usually divided into 50% ride (trolling fishing heading out and back) and 50% fishing. There is also time spent driving between reefs that counts as riding. We try to troll between spots that are further than 3 miles apart. However, most Galveston charter boats high speed troll while heading out to the reefs. High speed trolling produces fish frequently during the late Spring, Summer and Fall months.
  8. Will we catch Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Grouper and Amberjack on our Galveston fishing charter?
    The reality of catching Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Grouper and Amberjack is dependent upon the length of the Galveston fishing charter you choose. In recent years, these species have been over fished and seasonal closures and increased size limits have been put in place to stop over harvesting of these species. The truth is that you need to take at least a 10 or 12 hour charter or longer to be able to have a chance to catch them. Then there is no guarantee. Fishing for Grouper and Amberjack is usually better during the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. This is a time when these larger fish move closer to shore and there is less fishing pressure on them. In the Summer, plan on a full day charter to increase your odds. If you want to catch Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi or Blackfin Tuna, you need to plan on an 36 hour deep sea fishing trip or longer.
  9. Do we offer lodging while in town?
    Williams Party Boats does not offer lodging at this time. We do have plenty of hotels, motels, condos and beach houses that you can rent. Galveston has several local hotels to lodge at during your stay. You might look at the Hotel Galvez & Spa, Flagship Hotel, Moody Gardens Hotel, Tremont House Grand Hotel, San Luis Hotel and the Holiday Inn Galveston.
  10. We have small children that want to come.  Do you have life jackets for them?
    All boats must have life saving equipment on board. All of our Williams Party Boats and Fishing Charters carry children’s life jackets that are USCG approved for children. Our life jackets are for Emergency use only.  If you would like your child to wear a life jacket at all times, you must bring one with you. We do have different age requirements depending on the length of the trip. Please check the booking section of our website to see the age limits.
  11. Do we have to buy a fishing license in Galveston?
    Yes.  Texas law requires everyone 17 and older have a valid fishing license with a saltwater endorsement.  You can purchase a license at Wal-mart or Academy or online at  We sell fishing licenses in our office if you arrive 45 minutes prior to your departure time.  If you are a “Rider” on our charter and are not fishing, this does not apply.
  12. Will I get sea sick?
    Motion sickness is real and effects about 10 to 15 percent of all saltwater fishermen. Some of you use Dramamine. Dramamine makes people sleepy. We would suggest non-drowsy Dramamine or Bonine over the counter medicine and take as directed. Some people get a prescription patch from your local doctor.
  13. Are Galveston fishing charters safe?
    All of our fishing charters have great safety records. Texas Saltwater Fishing is not an exact sport. There are hooks and we catch fish that have sharp teeth and needle like fins. We fish in waters where waves may cause you to hold on while moving around. We care about your safety. We do not want you to get hurt in any way.
  14. Do all Galveston Party Boats and Charter boats have restrooms?
    Our Charter Boats have two private, air conditioned restrooms with real commodes.
  15. May we bring our own fishing tackle with us?
    Sure you may bring your own fishing tackle. However, saltwater fish fight hard and your gear may not be suited to handle the fight. We will not be held responsible if your tackle fails.
  16. If I catch a nice fish, can I get it mounted?
    Saltwater fish mounts are replicas which means you can either keep your fish to eat or release them to be caught another day. All we need is a 50% deposit, name of the fish, length to get your order started.
  17. Do I have to pay for a fishing rod if it breaks or I lose a lure or bait?
    We use new tackle and well maintained fishing gear. If a rod and reel fails on it’s own, you will not be charged. If you drop one overboard, you will be expected to replace it. We lose lures, hooks and gear all of the time while fishing. You will not be charged for the loss of lures or bait.
  18. What do we need to bring on our fishing charter?
    Depending on the length of your charter, you need to bring the basics: non-slip shoes, hand towels, protective clothing (hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, rain gear, etc) and camera.
  19. Do you fish in bad weather or high seas?
    We do fish in the rain. We try to avoid fishing in rough seas or high winds.  We try to stay away from lightening storms at all times. Our offshore charter boats have state-of-art live satellite color radar on board to see storms coming. Inshore boats can fish on days when we can’t get offshore. Our big boat can handle a 4 to 6 ft sea comfortably.

Williams Party Boats — The Difference

Since 1946, Williams Party Boats has run many different types of deep sea fishing trips with anglers of all ages. With over 60 years in the fishing business, Capt. Johnny is a genuine fishing expert and a true gentleman with a professional and courteous crew behind him. Captain Jillian Williams is a fourth generation party boat operator and currently the only female party boat operator in the gulf.