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Capt. John 10 Hour Offshore Saturday August 20, 2016

The 81 anglers aboard the party boat Capt. John were first headed in a southerly direction by Captain Johnny Williams with the ride in that direction being on the bumpy side Captain Williams made a turn to the East and the ride turned into a gentle rolling motion.

The platform chosen as our first stop was originally intended to be the last stop of this 10 hour trip. The wave/swell size was down to 3 to 4 feet and the water a clear green. When we left this platform the catch included Atlantic spadefish, bonnethead shark, a couple of just undersize ling and a ling of 40 pounds which was caught in the port bow area.

After a run back to the West we were at our second platform. More Atlantic spadefish and a few more bonnethead shark tried to eat the squid and sardines and ended up on deck. Our third and final fishing spot was at another platform off to the West of the second one.

Today’s total catch was made up of the following:

685 Atlantic spadefish

1 Ling 40#

2 Piggies

2 Sandtrout

5 Bonnethead shark

1 Bermuda chub

1 Bluerunner

1 Spanish mackerel

Ryan & Jett Smith and family had a bonnethead shark and 140 of the days 685 Atlantic spadefish, just short of 21% of the total. They had a great day on the Capt. John.

Patrick Lemire, Texas City, My day was spent on “ling watch” and fishing deeper too. I struck out on the ling but did catch and release a number of red snapper ranging from keepers to a couple going 8 and 9 pounds.

See you on the Capt. John!

Patrick Lemire


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