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Capt. John 12 Hour Offshore Saturday June 25, 2016

Captain Johnny Williams had control of the wheel and auto pilot for today’s offshore fishing trip by the party boat Capt. John. With the forecast calling for a 2-3 foot gulf swell the leave from Pier 19 started things off with the gulf next on the road map. The offshore run to the south was next with a bit more than forecast, the swell was closer to the four foot range and close together. “Close together” is exactly what it sounds like, one swell was quickly followed by another, bottom line is that also made for a somewhat bumpy ride during the early party to the offshore run.

The first stop was over rock structure 50 miles to the south of the island in 115 feet of water where the 82 of us anglers gave it a try. While red snapper were being caught some were on the small size so a move was made after about an hour of fishing. Probably a dozen were in the 9 to 12 pound class to top off the catch.

The move to our next stop was farther offshore about 8 miles. There more rocks were fished and the red snapper fishing picked up, even a stray kingfish was caught. When the red snapper bite seemingly drew to a stop another move was made with 108 of our 164 red snapper boat limit for the day having been caught.

Our third, and last fishing stop was just a few minutes away, once again the red snapper bite was on. The stop produced the remainder of the red snapper limit with some nice ones added to the mix. Baits used today were about 99 percent the usual, cut squid or whole Spanish sardines. The one percent, or less, was hickory smoked bacon. You didn’t misread it. Based on a story heard by Captain Williams of a rig worker using bacon to catch red snapper, etc. I thought I’d give it a try, well my red snapper pair of 9 & 11# were taken on Carolina rigged hickory smoked bacon! Would I recommend using it for anyone else? No I wouldn’t, although it worked it was a mess. You knot on a piece to the hook then half hitch each end to the hook. Uncooked bacon is hard to handle, get to stay on the hook and fish get it off easily. All of that was foreseen, so why did I use it? The simple answer is to add to the strange baits I’ve caught red snapper on. The list before today of “unusual” includes oleander leaves, Omega-3 capsules, banana skins, creme filled cookies, orange surveyor tape, mayo packets, ketchup packets, sweet pickles packets, mustard packets, and now hickory smoked bacon. What does this prove? Most times its location, location, location that effects your red snapper catch, not the bait they obviously will try to eat a great variety besides the normal, natural baits and artificial. Speaking of artificial watch upcoming reports about my use of unique artificial that will up my “unusual baits” list to at least eleven. While I obviously like to experiment its not necessary to a great extent when snapper fishing. Another most important point about red snapper fishing, the recreational season that applies to the Capt. John is open thru July 16th. Don’t miss out on your chance this year to participate in this fishery, tell you friend’s since a lot of folks don’t know the season is still open.

Back to today’s catch species and totals:

164 Red snapper

1 Kingfish

Steve Bamberg, Katy, His red snapper limit went to 10# and was taken on Carolina rigged Spanish sardines

Patrick Lemire, Texas City, My red snapper limit to 11# was taken from the mid-depths on Carolina rigged, hickory smoked bacon which makes me think of the old Ripley’s saying “Believe it or not!”…. believe it, it really happened.

See you on the Capt. John!

Patrick Lemire

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