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Texsun II 12 Hour Charter Wednesday June 1, 2016

This 12 hour offshore trip by the party boat Texsun II was a charter headed up by Brad Taylor.  At the wheel was Captain Jill Williams who took them to the area about 50 miles to the south southeast of the island where they fished over natural bottom in 80 feet of water. Speaking of water, two variations came into play today. First with somewhat breezy conditions the gulf’s water was sort of on the rough side. The other was the water coming from the clouds, rain and a lot of it. Taylor’s group of 51 and their cut squid and spanish sardine baits enticed a group of bottom and near bottom feeders into biting, including:

61 Red snapper

2 Lane snapper

5 Atlantic sharpnose sharks

Today marks the first day of 2016 red snapper fishery being open.

Patrick Lemire

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