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Capt John 12 hour offshore Tuesday June 7, 2016

With Captain Johnny Williams at the wheel the party boat Capt. John left Galveston’s Pier 19 with 83 fishermen aboard.

Our destination was natural bottom structure about 50 miles to the south of the island. That first stop, in 110′ of water was the place to be. Captain Williams had not only put us on the red snapper they were also sizable and biting. It was one of those days where the back of the boat and portside that I had looked like a multicolor curtain as we were ready to fish. Actually it was a mass of snapper slapper lures, I don’t know what brought it on but there were many hanging at the ready while waiting for the announcement of “ok drop’em.”  The Carolina rigged baits of cut squid or Spanish sardines, along the the artificial were getting hit while on the sink in from the mid-depths to the bottom.  In a little less that two hours the red snapper limit had been taken. Size was there too, 46 of those beauties weighed in at 11 to 16 pounds, the vast majority of the rest fell into the 7 to 9 pound class. It was a great day and place to be red snapper fishing.

The next and final fishing spot today, which was about 8 miles fro the first one had more red snapper being caught and quickly released. A hoped for kingfish bite didn’t materialize but a short list of “others” were caught.

Today’s total catch consisted of :

166 Red snapper to 16# (46 in the 11 to 16# class)

1 Atlantic sharpnose shark

1 Lane snapper

1 Bluerunner

Walter Lemons, Beaumont, red snapper limit to 11# on Spanish sardine

Rob Richardson, Athens, his red snapper limit was a pair going 13 & 15#. They hit a pink/chartreuse, 3 oz snapper slapper in mid depths while on the sink.

Jim Marigliano, Dallas, with a red snapper limit going 11 and 12# each. Carolina rigged squid/sardines did the trick for Jim.

Patrick Lemire, Texas City, my red snapper limit, taken on a squid tipped, 3 oz red/white snapper slapper. A pair of 13 and 14 pounders.

What a day on the Capt. John, you should have been there. The other bright side is that the red snapper fishery in federal water is open thru July 16th. Make your reservations and get in on the action and their fine eating.

See you on the Capt. John!

Patrick Lemire

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