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Capt. John 12 hour Offshore Monday June 6,2016

With Captain Jill Williams heading up the show the party boat Capt. John left pier 19 with 81 of us anglers aboard. Shortly afterward we exited the Galveston jetties and the offshore run began in a south southeasterly direction. After a run of about 55 miles the anchor dropped into the 110 feet deep blue gulf. After about forty-five minutes a move to the second bottom stop, and an hour or so and almost all of the red snapper limit had been caught.

The standard party boat baits of cut squid or Spanish sardines accounted for much of the catch. The remainder came on 3 and 5 oz snapper slappers in an assortment of color combinations. All of the red snapper hit from the mid-depths to at or near the bottom.

Next on the fishing list was a stop at a production platform about twenty-five miles off Galveston. Atlantic spadefish, kingfish, bluefish, and Spanish mackerel were the species there enticed into biting plus a nice 7# mangrove snapper.

After leaving the platform the ride back to Galveston’s pier 19 began with this total catch iced down in the multiple fish boxes:

162 Red snapper to 14#

1 Mangrove snapper to 7#

93 Atlantic spadefish

2 Bluefish

2 Spanish Mackerel

4 Kingfish

Justin Williams, Captain Williams 10 year old son had 15 Atlantic spadefish and a red snapper limit to 7#

Jim Marigliano, Dallas, with a kingfish and a red snapper limit to 11# on Carolina rigged sardines or squid

Rob Richardson, Athens, had a red snapper limit of two going 12 & 14#; tried and true snapper slappers accounted for them all.

Patrick Lemire, Texas City, My red snapper limit was harvested using 3 and 5 oz squid or sardine tipped snapper slappers in an assortment of color combinations. 12 to 14# was the size range of the pair. I also had the mangrove snapper at the platform.

It was another great catch day. And while the headboat and charter group red snapper fishery in federal waters remain open until mid July don’t hesitate to make your Capt. John reservations. Hesitate, turn around two or three times and as the saying goes “bam” and its gone.

See you on the Capt. John!

Patrick Lemire

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