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Capt John 12 Hour Offshore Tuesday June 28, 2016

A change in direction was the plan for the day with the party boat Capt. John fishing spots around sixty-five miles to the south southeast of the island. Captain Johnny Williams had the 82 anglers working their squid or sardine baits over old coral outcroppings in 125 feet of water for todays multi-species catch that also included a red snapper limit. Speaking of the red ones, every offshore trip run by the party boat Capt. John since the opening of the fishery in federal waters has had a red snapper limit. As I’ve written before that fishery remains open for the Capt. John thru July 16th. Strikes by the assorted species came from the near surface and thru the mid-depths to the bottom… the gulf is active!

Todays excellent catch included:

164 Red snapper to 15#

82 Vermillion snapper

1 Lane snapper

2 Rockhind grouper

2 Ling

1 Barracuda

9 Kingfish

1 Bonita

2 Sharpnose sharks

3 Porgy

It was another good one on the party boat Capt. John today, wish I’d have been there…. you probably do too. Don’t miss out on this time that the red snapper fishery is open, contact the office to schedule your appointment.

See you on the Capt. John!

Patrick Lemire

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