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Capt. John 12 Hour Offshore Saturday July 16, 2016

Todays 12 hour offshore trip by the party boat Capt. John marks the last day of red snapper fishing for 2016. Among the 81 anglers was a group from the Exxon-Mobil Group Kingwood. Normally their group is headed up by trip organizer Thomas Williams, but not today since a recent issue had him sidelined. Heading up the group today was Sly Wilson, another fine representative of Exxon-Mobils Kingwood Campus. Things went as usual but it will be good to see Thomas again on other trips, as its been for years. Now on to the great trip of today.

Shortly after our leave from Pier 19 Captain Johnny Williams pointed the boats twin hulls in a southerly direction. The offshore run was a smooth one thru a gentle two foot swell. that run ended at the wreck remains of the V.A. Fogg about 45 miles out. A couple of stops were made in those 100 foot deep waters but the red snapper catching was on the slow side.

Next on the menu was a run farther south, after about twelve miles we were there. I say there in that three stops were made over old coral outcroppings in 125 feet of water, three stops were made because while the red snapper bite was steady moves were made looking for an improvement. The last stop had the red snapper limit of 2 for each of the 81 of us fishermen aboard being caught. As has been the case lately, the red snapper catch was topped out by several in the 15 pound range. Assorted other bottom residents and a pair of kingfish were also taken.

For the run back to Galveston’s Pier 19 this catch was iced down in the fish boxes:

162 Red snapper to 15#

59 Vermillion snapper

2 Kingfish

1 Rockhind Grouper

1 Porgy

4 Blue runner

Among those in the Exxon Mobil group were Barbara Guinn, Michelle Benoit, Garret Guinn and Jeff Countrymen, their red snapper limit went to 9 pounds.

Patrick Lemire, Texas City, My red snapper limit of a pair going 9 and 11 pounds each were taken on a 5 oz red/white, sardine tipped snapper slapper. Hits came on the sink when deep.

One of the “usuals” missing today was Thomas, who will return, the other which will be missing after today but will also return is the catching and keeping of red snapper until next June. Sadly, for red snapper fishermen tomorrow marks the closing of the fishery in federal waters for the year.

Starting Sunday the catch targets will change to species such as kingfish, Atlantic spadefish, lane and mangrove snapper, ling, sharks and those “others”routinely mentioned in the offshore reports. With the red snapper fishery in federal waters now closed any caught will be immediately released to fight again next year. Another important point is the change to 10 hours for the Capt. John’s offshore trips which means a scheduled 5:30 p.m. return to Pier 19.

The red snapper fishing was really good this year and I’m sure 2017 will be equal or better.

See you on the Capt. John!

Patrick Lemire

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