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Capt. John 10-Hour Offshore Trip—Friday Sept. 25, 2015

Surface platforms from 18 to 23 miles to the south of the island were the fishing targets for the 29 fishermen aboard the Capt. John. Working their baits of squid or Spanish sardines thru the water column had a catch consisting of red snapper, bonnethead shark and sharpnose shark along with a few Atlantic spadefish being caught. A 30 pound ling, lane snapper, bluefish, gulf trout, blue runner and croaker were also included in the catch.

Tomorrow’s catch will likely have red snapper number still to be caught as part of a two year pilot program that the Capt. John is participating in be reduced to only a handfull. It was great while it lasted. Hopefully information generated these last two years will lead the way to enhanced red snapper fishing opportunities for the party boat industry and the Capt. John.

See you on the Capt. John!

Patrick Lemire

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