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Capt. John 10 Hour Offshore—Sat. Sept. 26, 2015

With Captain Johnny Williams at the wheel the party boat Capt. John left Galveston’s Pier 19 with 83 fishermen aboard.

The fishing area today was several production platforms from 15 to 30 miles to the east southeast of the island. The primary target species today was Atlantic spadefish and the small pieces of squid on small circle hooks did their job with 582 being taken. The cut squid or Spanish sardine baits also produced a number of other species being caught.

The total catch consisted of the following:

  • 582 Atlantic spadefish
  • 76 bonnethead shark
  • 1 ling
  • 1 lane snapper
  • 2 bluefish
  • 1 stingray
  • 2 ladyfish
  • 2 bluerunner
  • 1 Spanish mackeral

See you on the Capt. John!

Patrick Lemire

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