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Capt. John 10 Hour Offshore—Sunday Oct. 11, 2015

The 51 fishermen aboard the party boat Capt. John were taken by Captain Johnny Williams to production platforms up to 25 miles to the east of the island. As is the normal baits consisting of pieces of cut squid or whole spanish sardines, near the surface to the bottom was the primary strike zone, it’s nice when the bite covers the water column. The fishermens efforts had this catch headed for and into the ice down fish boxes:

  • 90 Atlantic spadefish
  • 27 bonnethead shark
  • 21 gulf trout
  • 1 rainbow runner
  • 1 stingray
  • 6 golden croaker
  • 1 Spanish mackerel
  • 1 blue runner
  • 5 bluefish
  • 3 whiting

See you on the Capt. John!

Patrick Lemire

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