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Capt. John 10 Hour Offshore Saturday July 30, 2016

The party boat Capt. John was going to have another day of hot fishing weather with the fishing to match for the 81 of us anglers aboard. Our first stop chosen by Captain Johnny Williams was a production platform to the southeast of the island. While there throw back red snapper, due to their season being closed, bonnethead shark, a lone mangrove snapper and Atlantic spadefish were caught. The small surprise was the four red snapper of 11 to 13 pounds that were caught and immediately released, Patricia Davis and myself each had 13 pounders that I first thought was a one snapper two line tangle.

A move of about twenty miles to the east had us at the next platform where released red snapper and a couple of bull redfish were caught along with  black drum, rainbow runner and bonnethead shark. Our next stop was at a nearby platform where more red snapper, Atlantic spadefish and one kingfish were caught. The last fishing stop of the day was at our fourth surface platform, about seventeen miles to the southeast of the island, more released red snapper and Atlantic spadefish were caught. As time was running out the command to “wind’em up”was shortly followed by our leave to Galveston’s Pier 19. This catch was iced down in the multiple fish boxes for the run to the house:

392 Atlantic spadefish

1 Kingfish

1 Croaker

1 Mangrove snapper

1 Blue runner

4 Black drum

46 Bonnethead shark

3 Rainbow runner

5 Gulf trout

With numerous mentions of released red snapper it reminded me of a  descriptive phrase I heard, saw or read somewhere that fits the situation perfectly. They were referred to as “red leavearite snapper” as in you can catch them but “leave it right here.” Next June is a long way off and for now the assorted others will work at keeping our lines tight and faces smiling.

See you on the Capt. John!

Patrick Lemire

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