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Capt John 12 Hour Offshore Saturday May 14, 2016

Todays 12 hour offshore fishing trip was a charter by Andrade Concrete & Construction. Their group of 48 anglers was headed up by Victor Andrade.  After leaving Galveston’s Pier 19 and shortly afterward entering the open gulf and it’s one foot swell the offshore run began. Captain Johnny Williams took them to the Clay Pile area where several spots were fished. Those 110 to 120 feet deep natural bottom spots, about 65 miles to the south southeast of the island, had the locals down there biting. The cut squid or sardine baits which were fished at or near the bottom produced this total catch:

117 Vermillion Snapper

6 Rockhind Grouper

1 Amberjack

9 Triggerfish

10 Blue Runner

9 Grasby

6 Grunt

It was a nice catch by a great group and a great team building experience, Victor hit a home run with his choice of the Capt John.


See you on the Capt John!

Patrick Lemire

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