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Capt. John 10hr Offshore Saturday Nov. 12,2016

Sat, Nov 12- With 79 Anglers aboard Captain Johnny Williams piloted the party boat Capt. John to the S/East of the Island.

Fishing targets today were a group of production platforms from fifteen to twenty five miles out.  Using the regular bait presentations of cut Squid or whole Spanish Sardines the usual results were there along with a surprise.  The “usuals” caught were Atlantic Spadefish, Spanish Mackerel, Whiting, Shark, a Ling and a slightly unusual visitor, a Ribbonfish.  The outstanding portion of the days catch, and the surprise numbers wise, was the 1,023 Sand trout.  They certainly struck the mother load, so to speak.  Those bottom dwellers seemingly couldn’t get enough of those pieces of cut Squid fished at or near the bottom.

Total Catch numbers and species were;

-1,023 Sand Trout

– 7 Atlantic Spadefish

-1 Ling

-1 Ribbonfish

-3 Spanish Mackerel

-23 Whiting

-18 Croaker

-8 Bonnethead Shark

-2 Bluefish


See you on the Capt. John!

-Patrick Lemire

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