Eco Tours / Field Trips

One of the most popular things to do while in Historic Galveston, is to get on a Williams Party Boat and experience what few people ever get to see. Historic Galveston as seen from the water is one of the most spectacular views anyone would ever imagine. If you are in town and want to take a harbor tour of our waterways or see some amazing marine life, come see us.

Some of the most common charters we offer are eco tours. Our area seems industrious at times, but if you get away from land on our charter boat for a short eco tour, you will be amazed at all of the marine life and birds you can see. Our eco tours are a favorite among senior citizens, parents, children and our local schools for field trips. Our boat can carry up to 55 people safely, so there is no reason anyone has to stay at home!

We offer special rates for large groups celebrating a special occasion. We love to see you smile and especially love to tell people about our area. Take a trip back in history with Williams Party Boats for a chance to see something only your imagination could dream of. Sunset tours, Dolphin sightings, live Jelly Fish and plenty of marine birds like Brown Pelicans are just some of the things you will see while aboard Galveston’s finest harbor tours and charter boat.

Galveston Dolphin & Harbor Tours

See Nature up close and personal. We see wild Dolphins all of the time, as well as beautiful Brown Pelicans. It is common to see Dolphins jumping and frolicking around the charter boat while cruising the Galveston Harbor, headed out fishing and returning from a fishing charter. The Texsun II is the perfect boat to experience charter fishing and seeing wild marine mammals like Bottlenose Dolphins.

See Galveston's History Come Alive

Galveston has some really neat things to sea.  The Elissa sailing ship is one amazing piece of ancient architecture and nautical history.  She was built in 1877 and is one of the most beautiful sailing ships in Galveston.   If you want to really see something cool, you will love to see a concrete ship that sank named Selma.

The 1877 Steel Sailing Ship Elissa

The Elissa is an iron hull ship that was built in Scotland in 1877.  The sailing ship has three masts with a total of nineteen sails that keep her moving on the high seas.  She is 205 feet long and she is over 99 feet high.  She dispaces 620 tons of seawater.  That means, she is one big sailing ship.

Galveston Island Sunken Concrete Ship – SS Selma

This amazing ship was manufactured in Mobile, Alabama on June 28, 1919.  This ship displaced 6, 826 gross tons and was over 412 feet long.  The SS Selma was originally designed to be an oil tanker and was damaged when it hit a jetty on May 11, 1920 in Tampico, Florida.  The was temporarily repaired and set sail for Galveston.  Upon arrival in Galveston, the repair facility in Galveston had no idea how to repair a concrete ship.  In the early 1900’s, there were steel and wooden ships.  Concrete ships was a new idea and nobody had ever worked on one.  The government was frustrated and decided to scrap this monstrous ship.  They dug a channel near Pelican Island, Texas and on March 9, 1922, the SS Selma was sunk.

Williams Party Boats — The Difference

Since 1946, Williams Party Boats has run many different types of deep sea fishing trips with anglers of all ages. With over 60 years in the fishing business, Capt. Johnny is a genuine fishing expert and a true gentleman with a professional and courteous crew behind him. Captain Jillian Williams is a fourth generation party boat operator and currently the only female party boat operator in the gulf.