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Galveston Fishing Charters and Party Boatsss

-- photo by Captain Johnny Williams

Patrick Lemire is holding up a fine Red Snapper.

Want to go deep sea fishing this year in Galveston, Texas? Welcome to William's Party Boats,Inc., and the 2015 saltwater charter fishing season. We are the obvious choice when it comes to deep sea fishing in Galveston. Our two Galveston Charter fishing boats are located at Pier 19. Our charter boats are only minutes away from the warm waters of the Gulf Of Mexico and some wonderful deep sea fishing. William's Party Boats are at your service and ready to take you on a charter fishing trip of a lifetime. We are one of the most diverse and successful deep sea fishing charters that operates in the Gulf of Mexico. Visit our up to date Galveston Fishing Reports to see what is biting on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Galveston Fishing Charters - The Difference

Williams Party Boats has the ability to offer our guests many different types of deep sea fishing trips from our dock in Galveston. Our fishing trips are successful because of the great customer service we offer on our boats. Our crew is professional at all times and we love to make you happy. Our service is what sets us apart from the other Galveston Party Boats and fishing charters. Our customer service is unmatched anywhere along the entire Texas Gulf Coast. It makes no difference whether you are a group of seasoned anglers wanting to go offshore on our 36 hour Tuna fishing charter, or a small family that wants to experience an inexpensive first time Bay or Jetty fishing charter. Once you fish with Galveston's Best Fishing Charters, you will be back!

Our Galveston Charter Fishing History surpasses the competition

Since 1946, Williams Party Boats has run many different types of deep sea fishing trips with anglers of all ages. With over 60 years in the fishing business, Capt. Johnny Williams is genuine fishing expert and a true gentleman. Captain Johnny is a professional offshore charter fishing guide that will treat you with respect and share his passion for fishing and conservation with you and your family. We are proud to offer our Texas anglers everything from a short family fishing trip on the Texsun II, to a special corporate entertainment charter. We offer fishing trips from 4 hours up to 36 hours on the Captain John and anything inbetween. Williams Party Boats serves as the platform for the discriminating sportfishermen who expects the very best in a offshore deep sea fishing experience plus a variety of amazing angling opportunities. We also offer Galveston Harbor Eco Tours that are informative and educational.

Fishing Charters in Galveston - Which fishing trips are best for you

No matter if you want to catch and release all your fish, keep just a few for supper, or keep all you catch, then you will find comfort in knowing that we have been voted to be The Best Party Boat Fishing in Galveston, Texas. We use only the very best tackle. We only use other high quality products from companies such as, Penn Reels, and custom hand crafted fishing rods from Texas's Best Rod manufacturers. The Galveston fishing vacation packages start with our family oriented 4 hour Jetty fishing trip on the Texsun II jetty and bay fishing boat.  If you are a serious fisherman and want to catch Grouper, Amberjack, Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Vermilion Snapper or Tuna, then you will want to make a reservation on  the Captain John.  Captain John is a 75' long and 27' wide aluminum catamaran partyboat. She is fast and can get you out to the fishing grounds in style.  Captain John specializes in 36 hour charters that target big fish. We can carry up to 83 passengers on our day trips and up to 40 passengers on our overnight 24 hour or 36 hour signature trips.  We also offer 10, 12, and 15 hour offshore trips for those who like to fish for a full day and you're welcome to bring as many people as you can.  Nobody has to be left out when fishing with Galveston's best offshore fishing charter.  We also customize charters to any length you want.  We are fully staffed and ready to take you on your next Galveston deep sea fishing charter.

Fish with the best of the Galveston Party Boats - Williams Party  Boats

For those of you with a large family or group, we can keep everyone comfortable in a laid back deep sea fishing atmosphere on one of the biggest, most luxurious catamaran fishing boats on the Texas Gulf Coast.


-- photo by Patrick Lemire

Would you like to catch a big fish?

We can accommodate small groups or large corporate groups up to 83 people. You may also bring along those who do not want to go fishing. We call them riders and they are welcome to come and enjoy watching you catch your first fish or your biggest fish. We hope as you travel through our website and learn a little more about who we are and what we do, this will guide you in your decision to choose the fishing trip that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Galveston Deep Sea Fishing Trips are customized just for you!

All of our fishing trips can easily be custom tailored to fit your special needs. When you call Williams Party Boats,  you will speak directly to the office manager.or reservationist.  We want you to get the fishing trip you desire.   We are independent owner-operators and promise you will not be disappointed with your trip.  If you have a question about booking a fishing trip in Galveston, just give us a call at 409-762-8808, or book your reservations on our website under "Reservations"and let us custom tailor a fishing trip for you.

Please keep in mind, when you book a Galveston fishing trip, there is a direct correlation between the length of the trip and the fish species you can expect to catch.  Simply put, the more time we have to fish, the more fish you will have the chance to catch.  Williams Party Boats and deep sea fishing charters is unique and it offers anglers a chance to experience a great fishing trip in the hands of some of the most knowledgeable, experienced charter fishing operators in Galveston, Texas's Gulf Coast.  It is your choice and ultimately your budget that will determine the fish species you can target and possibly catch.  You are always welcome to contact Galvestons best fishing charters with any deep sea fishing questions you may have about the types of fishing you can do out of the Port of Galveston.  We understand that without you, we would not be here and will work hard to keep you coming back year after year!

Fishing Farther Offshore the Texas Gulf Coast - Galveston fishing is the best...Try Our 36 Hour Tuna Safaris (see Schedule below)


-- photo by Patrick Lemire


The bottom of the sea floor near Galveston is flat and mostly comprised of sand, silt and mud. We have the longest rock jetties located next to the Houston ship channel.  We have some really great fishing on this structure!  In order to be able to catch the larger fish you have to ride anywhere from 40 to 70 miles offshore.  We have an ample supply of deep water oil rigs to fish around on our 36 hour fishing tuna safaris.  Way off the Texas coast, we have a lot of natural bottom and oil rigs that hold reef fish and migratory pelagic fish which are located further offshore.  The Western Gulf of Mexico supplies some of the best fishing anywhere in the United States with the Galveston, Texas Gulf Coast providing the finest deep sea fishing fleet around.




We Fish Galveston Year Round With A Professional Courteous Crew, Ready To Serve You!

The Galveston fishing grounds are open and the catching is great this time of year.  As the winter is approaching we are fishing a lot of 4 hour trolling trips along the beach and the Jetties in search of the big bull Redfish.  These fish will average 10 to 40 pounds and fight like a pulling mule on light tackle.  On the calm days, the 6 hour bottom trips are a good choice for those wanting non-stop fishing action.  You will get to catch sharks, catfish,spadefish, red snapper, triggerfish, kingfish, spanish mackerel, speckeled trout, sand trout and cobia. However, a full day trips is an ideal choice to catch a lot of fish and experience what we have to offer.  The Galveston Texas fishing is second to none and is one of the most productive fisheries in the entire country.  I am sure that you will more than satisfied in you fishing trip.  Just make sure that book yourself enough time to catch the fish that you have been looking for! The 2011 season will bring some changes along the Gulf of Mexico with some just announced new seasonal closures for 2011.  Be sure to book your date early so you can get the date you want.

 Gulf Coast family fishing

-- photo by Patrick Lemire


Great Times on Family Fun Fishing Charters with Galveston's Best Party Fishing Boats!


Booking Your Galveston, Texas Deep Sea Fishing Charter Is Easy!

We would love to take you and your family out for a fun filled bay fishing, offshore fishing or eco tour charter while you are on vacation in Galveston, Texas.  Please use our online Galveston, Texas Deep Sea Fishing Reservation Request so we will know what type of charter you are wanting to book and be prepared with all of the necessary information when we respond by phone or E-mail. You are always welcome to call Williams Party Fishing Boats at 409.762.8808 or 713.223.4853 and we will gladly assist you.  If you call and get our voice mail, please leave a message. We encourage you to send your reservation request online and promise to answer you back, quickly!

Ask About our 24 Hour Trips!

For those wanting to maximize their fishing experience during the Red Snapper season, we are offering 24 hour trips aboard the Capt John . On theses trips we will be able to keep a double (2 day) limit of Red Snapper and other reef fish as well as have access to deep water species. With more fishing time and extended range, these trips are sure to be a success! The schedule for these trips is as follows: